DRAS offers two awards programs that allow members to demonstrate mastery of aspects of the aquarium hobby, and a third that promotes aquarist's participation in protecting endangered species. These programs include the Breeders Award Program (BAP), Aquatic Horticulturist Awards Program (AHAP), and CARES Fish Preservation Program.

Breeders Award Program (BAP)

For those of you that enjoy breeding and raising tropical fish, this program is designed to recognize your efforts. Everything from guppies to discus are eligible. The harder a fish is to spawn, the more points earned. Additional points are given upon submission of a written report that may be published in Tank Talk. Gold seals are affixed to a framed certificate at various levels of accomplishment.

Breeders Award Program Standings (Standings will be updated on an annual basis at the beginning of the club year.)
(A = Active Member, H = Honourary Member)


CARES Fish Preservation Program

The Durham Region Aquarium Society is proud to be the inaugural and flagship aquarium society for the CARES Fish Preservation Program in Canada.

The purpose of the CARES Preservation Program is to create a base stock of conservation priority species through encouraging hobbyists worldwide to devote tank space to one or more species at risk and distribute offspring to fellow qualified hobbyists, while forming an information network where possible between aquarists, scientists, and conservationists. 

CARES program has four major goals:

  1. to bring awareness to the critical situation of fish in nature, while educating the public and stressing the importance of our roles as responsible aquarists;

  2. to recognize, encourage, and offer support to hobbyists who maintain species at risk;

  3. to share fish as well as data and experiences through notes and manuscripts so that others may learn to maintain those identical and similar species; and

  4. to preserve species at risk for future generations.

For further program details, including how to report and record your participation in this program, please contact the CARES Fish Preservation Program Chair, or visit the official website of the CARES Fish Preservation Program.

The strength of any organization resides in its members and being a member of the Durham Region Aquarium Society brings many benefits. Our Mission Statement as outlined in the DRAS Constitution, "the advancement and improvement of the aquarium hobby" is reflected in all the activities we undertake and all the events we hold.

From the knowledge gained from speakers at our monthly meetings, annual dinners and other special events, to the opportunity to acquire rare species of fish and aquatic plants at our monthly auction, annual auction and through trade with other members, to the unparalleled chance to learn from other experienced club members, to the ability to participate in programs wherein you can show mastery of fish breeding and aquatic horticulture... all of this and more are provided to our members.

Come to a meeting as our guest and experience some of what we have to offer, or contact our Membership Chair to join today...

Membership includes monthly meetings, a copy of our monthly newsletter Tank Talk, voting privileges, use of the club library, participation in our Annual Aquariama Expo and Auction, Breeders Award Program, Aquatic Horticultural Award Program, and other interesting events during the year.

Our club can also assist you in obtaining rare and/or exotic fish or aquatic plants that are not usually found in pet stores.

Aquatic Horticulturist Awards Program (AHAP)

For those that have a green wet thumb and enjoy growing plants in your backyard pond or indoor aquarium, then perhaps this program is for you. Everything from the common duckweed to the majestic Madagascar lace plant is eligible. The harder a plant is to grow, the more points you earn allowing you to progress up the levels of increasing difficulty.

At the first level a framed certificate is presented, and at each level thereafter a gold seal is added to the certificate.

DRAS recognizes those that have achieved the different levels of difficulty in both Tank Talk and on our website. The Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs (CAOAC) also offers a similar program, and the AHAP chair can be contacted for more information.

Aquatic Horticulturist Award Program Standings (Standings will be updated on an annual basis at the beginning of the club year.)
(A = Active Member, H = Honourary Member)