NEW DATE: June 3, 2018


AJAX Community Centre
75 Centennial Road
Ajax, Ontario

There is an entrance fee of $2 per person
Children under the age of 10 are free

DRAS’s 49th Annual Aquariama!!!

DRAS is presenting Aquariama 2018 with the same attractions as previous years.

Conservation Education – DRAS has a long history of interaction with conservation initiatives, both on the local and global scale. The Madagascar Endangered Fish Program and the C.A.R.E.S. program will be featured this year.

Vendor EXPO – DRAS has long established relationships with several of the premier dealers and aquarium related stores in the Greater Toronto Area. This year we will be inviting several to attend Aquariama where they will have the opportunity to sell to some of the most sophisticated aquatic hobbyists in the country (that would be you). They know the value you represent and we hope that they will be providing you with some unbelievable deals!

Special Notes about the Auction

Simply, every item you place in the Aquariama Auction gives $2.00 to DRAS. Just $2.00. If your item sells for $70.00 (and we have had items sell for that amount and higher), you get $68.00 and DRAS gets $2.00. Of course, if your item sells for $2.00, then that $2.00 goes to DRAS.

Why do we choose this format? DRAS wants to support aquarium hobbyists as much as possible. We want the hobbyist to get as much value for their fish and plants as possible and we want to encourage more rare and exotic fish and plants into the auction. Most auctions will take 30% of the selling price. Using this example, if your item sold for $70.00, at a 30% / 70% split, the club would receive $21.00 and the seller only $49.00. DRAS wants to put as much money as possible in your pocket, and to encourage you to bring out your best fish and plants for auction. Using our formula, you receive $68.00 and DRAS $2.00. We rely on volume, but we want that volume to be special!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.35.46 PM.png

Entrance Fee – EVERYONE Pays!

Every individual attending Aquariama (except children under the age of 10) will be charged a $2.00 entrance fee. The $2.00 entrance fee to DRAS’s Aquariama gives you the chance to bid on numerous rare and exotic aquarium fish and plants, gives you access to the Vendor EXPO, our Conservation Education and supports DRAS’s conservation initiatives for the coming year!

So to recap:

  • DRAS proudly presents Conservation Education and Programs

  • Fabulous vendors will be present!

  • Toonie-A-Bag Auction!

  • $2.00 Entrance fee for every person (except children 10 and under)

Aquariama 2018 Vendors

We look forward to seeing you all. If you have any questions, are interested in participating in the DRAS Conservation Education Programs, or are a vendor interested in a placement in the vendors area, please contact the following individuals: 

Tom Mason
Event Coordinator & Vendor Registrar

Roger Maltby
Auction Registrar