Dear DRAS Members:

I unfortunately had to cancel our April 15th AQUARIAMA EVENT due to the weather . This is the first time in our 50 year history that our spring auction has been canceled. As a firm disbeliever of meteorological forecasts, I hesitated to cancel the event until I was sure of the impact of the storm.

The participation of our vendors and buyers who travel long distances is a major factor that make our auction a success, it would have been unfair to expect them or our local supporters to travel in such weather.

The DRAS Executive is workingto reschedule the auction in the near future, there are many hurdles to overcome with this plan that need to be overcome. We will let you know when we have the answers.

I thank all the members of DRAS who worked to make this almost event a success in the face of Mother Nature's protest.

Thank You!

Doug Chessell, President
Durham Region Aquarium Society