40 Gallon..

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While I am not one known to be a long typer nor with perfect grammar and spelling I figured I best start off this Blog section with some shots and thoughts..

Tonight I just wanna look at the 40Gallon that sits to right right of me here at my desk.

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This is a standard 36x18 tank with a 36" 25watt light, fluval 204 and 104 cannister fliters. (yes two cannisters)

For the last couple years this had been a Pleco only tank with Live plants and nothing else for the rest of the water coloumn. This has worked great and I have been successful in breeding the different Ancistrus species that reside here as well as propagating some of the different plants. (Yes Paul I need to make a list and send you it). So this tank aside from trimming plants and moving some of the plecos around as the population continues to grow for both has been rather static with this while not massively deep but empty upper area.
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Along comes the 2010 Aquariama back in April for those that missed it.

While looking around at the bags and bags of beautiful fish and plants I kept telling myself, "You have no where to put these". Then I came across a bag of a wee lil fish that made quite a splash for thier size when they were discovered. The Celestial Pearl Danio, also called the Microrasbora Galaxy or Galaxy Rasbora when they were first introduced. I had to have these wee little wonders that have been on my list since 2006 when I first heard of them on Practical Fishkeeper.

Where to put them, well back to the empty water coloumn I mentioned earlier that was perfect for the the tiniest of Danios. Planted not activily agreesive fish and lots of space for them. I managed to pick up two bags one that had originally 5 fish but two had succumbed to the travels an auction can induce by the time I purchased them the other was actually a water bottle with a pair. Perfect I now have 5 of these lil fellas so chances are good.
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I have also always liked shrimp for some reason that I just can't explain so a few bags of Cherry Shrimp were also purchaced and given a new home along with the Plecos and Pearl Danios.
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    Zoban,How are the Danios doing?Gavin