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  1. Cherry Red Shrimp has nothing on these guys..

    Don't get me wrong I love watching the CRS booting around in my planted pleco tank, but there is something about the colour and size of a saltwater Blood Shrimp.

    Here he is saying hi.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Shrimp are breeding

    Not a whole lot to say today but looking at the 40Gal over the last while the number of shrimp has increased dramatically vs. the number tthat were put in that tank.

    Guess that means they are breeding .. lol

    Will see what I can do about some pics later on.

    The Red Jewels continue breeding at a fairly consistant rate so expect to see some juvies at the auction in September. Or shoot me a PM/email if you are looking to pick some up before the new season ...
  3. 40 Gallon..

    While I am not one known to be a long typer nor with perfect grammar and spelling I figured I best start off this Blog section with some shots and thoughts..

    Tonight I just wanna look at the 40Gallon that sits to right right of me here at my desk.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a standard 36x18 tank with a 36" 25watt light, fluval 204 and 104 cannister fliters. (yes two cannisters)

    For the last couple years this had been a Pleco only tank with ...